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Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

Most of those who read this blog are Christians, and many of you teach or preach. You may do so on a weekly basis or fill in occasionally for the regular teacher or preacher. Whatever your situation, you have an important task. People are looking to you. The truth is that if they have heard you before, they will either anticipate your delivery or dread it. I am with you in this.

Some of us have had the privilege of being trained to do what we do, while others are willing servants who have had no training. I have heard those with no formal training supersede those with training in presentation. Why is that? Isn’t training a guarantee for great delivery? I would like to share a few things that I have learned along the way about delivering God’s Word that can make or break the teacher.

  1. People will forgive…

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Our human nature with all its passions and desires acts like thorns, choking the production of the fruits the Holy Spirit wants to bear in us. Let us put to death our human nature with all its passions and desires and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work.Because by these fruits, the world would know that we are really Christians and indeed born of the Spirit.
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This piece is not to tell you my dear one not to attend Church Service on Sabbath days. Of course you should be it a Saturday or Sunday; ”Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy”.

But the question is why do we attend church service? Do we get the message well when it’s being shared? Are we doers of the word?

Today, when oaths of office are being taken its either with a Bible or a Quran.

Today in our churches, we see most of these prayer warriors acting all ‘holy’ but are the opposite outside the church.

Why are there so many hypocrites found in our churches?

Yes! The church because I call myself a Christian as well so I would touch on what is right before me.

A friend of mine told me about being part of the Choir in her church and how beautifully they sing…

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For better, for worse. (I’m sharing in Christ’s sufferings)




For I am certain that nothing can separate us from His love (God’s love): neither death nor life, neither angels nor other heavenly rulers or powers, neither the present nor the future, neither the world above nor the world below- there is nothing in all creation that will ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8: 38-39 (Good News Bible)

As Christians, we must know that God’s love is unconditional, steadfast and never fails. Nothing at all can cause Him to lose His love for us. Even in our unfaithfulness, He remains faithful to us. He has shown us how much He loves us – it was while we were still sinners that Christ died for us. He loved us at our darkest. He loved us to the extent of giving His only begotten son to be a ransom for our past, present and future sins. Indeed, greater love has no man than this, that a man should lay down his life for his friends.

After reading Romans 8: 38-39, my mind was drawn back to Romans 8: 35-36, – Who, then, can separate us from the LOVE OF CHRIST? Can trouble do it or hardship or persecution or hunger or poverty or danger of death? As the scripture says, “For your sake we are in danger of death at all times; we are treated like sheep that are going to be slaughtered”

In both Romans 8: 38-39 and Romans 8: 35-36, Paul was talking about love, in the former, the love of God and the latter, the love of Christ. In the former, (Romans 8: 38-39) the love of God is referring to God’s love for us. In the latter, (Romans 8: 35 -36) the love of Christ is referring to the love we have for Christ. For instance, when the Bible says, “For the love of money is a source of all kinds of evil.” It means the strong feeling of pleasure people have for money. So in the context of Romans 8: 35-36, the love of Christ is what we as Christians do to show that we love Christ.

Also, in both Romans 8:38- 39 and Romans 8: 35-36, Paul talks about a separation from love. From Romans 8: 38-39, we’ve learnt and are certain that God’s love for us is constant and nothing in all creation can separate us from this love. If He loved us even in our sins, how much more now that we are saved?

I want to focus more on Romans 8: 35-36, – Who, then, can separate us from the LOVE OF CHRIST? Can trouble do it or hardship or persecution or hunger or poverty or danger of death? As the scripture says, “For your sake we are in danger of death at all times; we are treated like sheep that are going to be slaughtered.” These questions were more of rhetorical to the apostles and the other disciples who took part in fulfilling the great commission. These apostles were people who knew beforehand that they will go through all kinds of persecutions and tribulations for the sake of preaching the gospel. Jesus told them in Matthew 24:9, “Then you will be arrested and handed over to be punished and be put to death. All nations will hate you because of me. They denied themselves of the comfort of this world and were willing to die for Christ’s sake. Because of the love of Christ, they were persecuted, thrown into jail and killed. Stephen was stoned to death for Christ’s sake. Historically, we know that Peter was crucified upside down. Andrew was also crucified. Matthew was beheaded. Thomas was stabbed. Almost all of them suffered the same fate. All because of the love of Christ. Because of the love they had for Christ, they endured all sufferings, even unto death. They were told that their lives will be spared if they would renounce the name of Christ but one by one, because of the love of Christ, they chose to die.

In our Christian walk, we will face all kinds of trials. Trials that would test our love for Christ and if we are not steadfast, can separate us from the love of Christ. Persecutions will surely come. Hunger, poverty or even the danger of death may come because we are Christians. I want to encourage you to be steadfast in the faith and your ministry. All kinds of troubles will come but for the love of Christ, don’t give up. Take your part in suffering, as a loyal soldier of Christ Jesus. A soldier on active service wants to please his commanding officer and so does not get mixed up in the affairs of civilian life. 2 Timothy 2: 3-4. Remember that endurance was one hallmark of the apostles and the great missionaries of old. Show your love for Christ by being faithful in your calling even when under trials. Let nothing cause you to give up your love for God. In good times and in bad, in sickness, and in health, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, remain faithful to the Lord. Share in the sufferings of Christ and remember happy are those who remain faithful under trials, because when they succeed in passing such a test, they will receive as their reward the life which God has promised to those who love Him. AMEN!


By – Daniel A.T. Gyansah.





There is a story about a cock who was seen standing on one leg. When asked why, it said that it was practicing how to stand on one leg. It added that someday, a king might come who would order everyone to stand on one leg and if that time came, it would have been used to standing on one leg.

What can we learn from this story? We see a cock who is thinking and looking ahead into the future and making preparations towards it. A cock making the optimum use of his time so that it would not be found wanting if that king really comes. In this scenario, we can see that even though the coming of that ‘king’ is a matter of probability, the cock found wisdom in preparing for the worst possible thing that could happen to it.

In real life, it is always wise to prepare for the worst. Let’s consider this: if the fictional cock prepared for the evil day which may or may not come, what should human beings living in a real world do in order to face the day that will inevitably come?

There will surely be evil days in the life of every person; ‘evil’ in the sense that when those days come, we will be unable to do some basic things that we so easily did in the good days. Chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes gives us the best description of the inevitable evil days and how we can prepare for them. So remember your creator while you are still young, before those evil days and years come when you will say ‘I don’t enjoy life’. That is when the light of the sun, the moon and the stars will grow dim for you, and the rain clouds will never pass away. Then your arms, that have protected you, will tremble and legs, now strong, will grow weak. Your teeth will be too few to chew food, and your eyes too dim to see clearly. Your ears will be deaf to the noise of the street. You will barely be able to hear the mill as it grinds or music as it plays, but even the song of a bird will wake you from sleep. You will be afraid of high places and walking will be dangerous. Your hair will turn white; you will hardly be able to drag yourself along, and all desire will have gone. We are going to our final resting place, and there will be mourning in the streets. The silver chain will snap, and the golden lamp will fall and break; the rope at the well will break, and the water jar will be shattered. Our bodies will return to the dust of the earth, and the breath of life will go back to who gave it to us. (GOOD NEWS BIBLE)

Youth is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between childhood and adulthood. It is also defined as ‘the appearance, freshness, vigour, spirit, etc characteristic of one who is young’. Its definitions of a specific age ranges varies, as youth is not defined chronologically as a stage that can be tied to specific age ranges. (Wikipedia)

When you are young, strong and enjoying life, it seems that you will never approach old age. But as times and years pass, old age and death catches up on you. Some boast of their appearance and strength forgetting they would not be young forever. Some are so busy trying to make it in life and have no space for God in their lives forgetting that having reverence for God and obeying His commands is the whole essence of man.(Ecclesiastes 12:13) Some are bold enough to say, ‘Oh, let me enjoy my youth. I will repent and have time for God later in my life’. Such people think they have lots of time left. It’s a big mistake to think you can wait and have a relationship with God later. Others may also think serving God is for the Elderly.

Beloved, remember your Creator now before the evil days come. Give your life to Christ, have a relationship with God, have reverence for Him and serve Him while you still can. Difficult and tougher days are ahead. Time will soon turn against you. Remember thy Creator before the troubles, the tragedies, the difficulties and infirmities of life hit you. The evil days are fast approaching. No one knows what that evil day may bring. That evil day can be today, tomorrow or in some years to come. That day will surely come. That evil day may leave you crippled. That evil day may take your eyesight away. The beauty and strength that you boast of will fade away. Don’t wait any longer. Don’t wait till that evil day brings so many worries about life which will make you lose interest in the things of God. And Oh, that evil day could be your last day on earth.

Brethren, God is calling you. He wants you to have a relationship with Him while you are still young and zealous. He has a purpose for your life which can only be accomplished if He is the Lord of your life. He needs that potential in you to establish His Kingdom. Just as you are, come! Don’t grow old and weak without serving your Creator. It is said that the elderly may sometimes forget the things of the recent past but retain vivid memories of the distant past. Serve the Lord while you still can, and the memories of serving the Lord in your youth will bring a sense of joy and satisfaction even when the evil days come.

I leave you with the lyrics of MHB 394 (the first and last stanzas)

    Just as I am, Thine own to be,

    Friend of the young, who lovest me,

    To consecrate myself to Thee,

    O Jesus Christ, I come.


    Just as I am, young, strong and free,

    To be the best that I can be,

    For truth, and righteousness, and Thee,

    Lord of my life I come.

By: Daniel A.T. Gyansah





Matthew 7:13-14

Go in through the narrow gate, because the gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there are many who travel it.

14) But the gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there are few people who find it. (GOOD NEWS BIBLE)


Life, they say is a journey. We are all on a journey somewhere, but to where and on what road? There is a road travelled by many and they that tread this path are often clueless and want to live life without rules. These people are influenced by the masses. They do, because everyone seems to be doing. They think it is right because the majority say so. People seem to like this road because it has no speed limits, no road signs and the traffic light is stuck on green.

There’s another road, the road less travelled. This road is disliked by many. The road is unpaved with so many road signs and speed limits. This road requires travelers to be determined, disciplined, obey road signs and travel within the certain speed limits. Many don’t travel this road because of the many restrictions and the struggles one has to go through. Some use this road but give up along the way. Where exactly are these two roads leading to?

The road travelled by many leads to destruction and death but the road less travelled leads to a wonderful place where there is an everlasting life and joy and where there is no sorrow nor pain.

Which road are you on beloved? The road less travelled or the road travelled by many? If you are on the road travelled by many, it’s not too late to make a bend. Offload all your baggage of sin, forgo your self- controlled and self-seeking life and come follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the way, He is the truth and He is the life and anyone who is not following Him is lost and heading to destruction. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone on the road travelled by many. Make a bend now before it’s too late. Come that you may have life and have it in abundance.


By: Daniel A.T. Gyansah

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imageThe Killer

He walks aimlessly and unemployed

But some say his job is to steal,kill and destroy

He’s travelled a thousand mile journey seeking asylum

But no one is ready to offer him a room

He looks violent,fearful and ugly

It’s rumoured that he’s the most handsome in his family

From all corners of his body,bad odor emanating

Far away people smell him coming,cursing the phenomenon called diffusion

He’s arrested and sent to the psychiatric hospital

Doctors examined him and found out that he’s a psycho

They tried interrogating him,but he remained speechless

His name only his family members know

Deep down in his heart is hatred

At the back of his mind lies the feelings of guilt

Hes bleeding

But those are the bloodstains of the people he killed

Many cases,but his trial is given precedence

He,like a predicate and the judge,subject

There’s total silence

All ears standing erect to hear the sentence

The Almighty Judge gives His judgement

He’s sentenced to a forever and ever imprisonment

The public feels sorry for him

But he shows no sign of remorse

Till now,nobody knows his real name

Some call him the destroyer,others call him the traitor

‘No mercy’ is what he showed to his preys

So they call him the predator

But I,call that killer, THE LUCIFER

-DatG’s archives


Location:Mfantsipim School



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